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"Mawjat" is a recently established initiative based in Berlin, Germany aiming to explore and enhance the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology in the fields of culture and music.

The initiative started in 2022 supported by Cultural Resource with the purpose of tracking technological advancements and analyses related to Web3 and blockchain technology, leveraging their capabilities to enrich the cultural domain, specifically the music sector.

The objective of "Mawjat" is to create a community bridging the Middle East, North Africa, and the global music scene by providing fair opportunities for artists in this region to engage with Web3.

The initiative recognizes the significant gap in Web3 adoption in the Middle East and North Africa due to legal obstacles and limited educational opportunities. As such, it strives to overcome these barriers by offering platforms and educational activities for artists and musicians in the region.

"Mawjat" consists of two activities:

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1. Establishing a Decentralized Music Platform based on Web3 adoption and Blockchain technology, serving as a practical and experimental model.

The platform consists of a website and a mobile application, serving as a space for musicians to stream and sell their music as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and earn digital currencies based on the number of music plays. It is managed through a decentralized DAO governance system, relying on voting.


2. Mawjat Lab, which focuses on organizing a series of events and activities to build a nurturing community and foster a digital cultural movement.

These activities aim to embrace technology in a sustainable and balanced manner, understanding its potential, adapting, and developing it in alignment with artistic justice and freedom of expression.

Mawjat Lab is dedicated to fostering dialogue, education, and cooperation.



Sulafa Hijazi

Visionary Director

Interdisciplinary artist, Director, and Producer. 


Bahila Hijazi

Artistic and Ecosystem Director 

Musician and DeFi Partnerships Director.


Alia Asaad

Product Management Consultant

Product Manager and Software Engineer

Thanks for the collaboration of:


Noise Diva



Abo Gabi



Lynn Maya

DJ & Producer


Caram Kapp

Cultural Producer


Karim Al Khayat

DJ & Producer


The Last Postman



Mawjat research phase was produced with the support of Cultural Resource within the framework of the “Culture 3.0” project

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